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About Us

Born out of the idea of Pursuit, Revamp focuses on providing you the freedom to move from Gym, Home and Everywhere in Between without the hassle of finding that next outfit. At the heart of Revamp is the focus on Completing You rather than helping you Compete. Our intention is to help you go that extra mile, get that extra rep and make that extra effort to be your personal best and eventually a better and stronger you.

Revamp doesn’t just want to be a clothing range rather it intends on helping you feel good every day. Every moment matters and every bit makes the difference because Fitness is the sum of our lives. Revamp was built on the idea that fitness is not just about Gym time. Its all the time. We want to provide you the liberty to get fit Your way. We are aware of the fact that everyone’s approach to fitness varies and One-Size-Fits all doesn’t always fit you. We have created a system of gear that seamlessly provides you with Fashion, Function, Style and Substance.

We want Revamp to be worn as a symbol of Honor by Athletes in Arena, Trainers in Gyms and Crowds in Streets. Our Mantra is based on three Elements i.e. CUT, COLOR and CLOTH. They combine to unleash and conquer the fashion game of the modern era while enabling you to maintain your progress and achieve your goals with endurance and continued motion.

Fitness has no secret formula and no one right way for every individual. Revamp wants to enable you to become Mentally and Physically Indestructible. Our manifesto is Using advanced materials, staying up to date on the latest performance fabrics and employing premium standard of craftsmanship so that our family of product tells a story. A story, which reminds its wearer to push themselves without having to sacrifice on comfort and style.